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Employee Absence Management

Managing attendance and leave policies can be an administrative nightmare. Exelsys helps you reduce absenteeism by providing visibility of unplanned absences that have a disruptive effect on your organisation. Track and report on all kinds of absence types defined by you. Through intuitive self-service employees can apply for leave on-line and manages can easily approve through email notifications. 

Automate Rules and Policies for Absences

Define any number of different absence types

Exelsys allows you to define your own absence types and the rules that govern each type. You can define different absence types for different regions or countries while also maintaining some common ones. 

Set up the rules for entitled holiday leave

You can set-up different rules for dynamically calculating entitled leave based on a number of different methods such as years of service, seniority or position and location also allowing you to define specific exceptions to the general rules.

User Defined Approval Workflows

You can define a number of different approval routings for different departments, locations or regions. Any number of approval levels can be defined. You can set up approvals to be followed in sequence, or on the "any one can approve" basis from a given list of approvers. You can also include in teh flow people to be only notified without requiring  that they approve. 

Record and Manage Absences

Self-service for all your staff using an intuitive interface

Provide an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service interface for employees to actively check and request time off

Approve through emails

We know that your busy managers do not want to spend time administering the HR system, that is why we push notifications to them through email, allowing them to action the requests directly from their email without needing to log into the system.

Empower Managers to Monitor their Employees Absences

Empower your managers with delivered reports and the ability to easily track their employees across various leave types

Record request for Absences, Overtime and Travelling Abroad

In addition to recording all kinds of absences you can also enter overtime requests and also travelling on business requests

Delegate Approvals

Delegate your approvals to others for a given period when you will be away

Identify Employees with disruptive behaviour

Use the Bradford factor KPI to easily identify employees whose absenteeism has a negative impact to the operational efficiency of the organisation

Allow designated employees to enter requests on behalf of others

Allow administrators and other designated users to enter absence requests on behalf of other employees who may not have access to a computer system

Attach documents to leave requests

You can attach documents on leave requests such a a doctor's report that may be required for sick leave

Cloud Architecture

Exelsys is a multi-tenant cloud application that uses the N-tier architecture model and works through an internet browser. Exelsys is delivered as a service over the internet frees you to focus on your business. 

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Reliable Infrastructure

Based on the Windows Azure Platform, which is a secure, rock solid, open and flexible cloud platform managed by Microsoft. Azure helps to provide highly secure, available and scalable applications.

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Exelsys is highly configurable allowing the application to be set-up so that it meets your business needs. You can assign different roles to your staff with different access levels and manage your own roles.

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