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Organisations and Positions Management

Whether your company is small or large Exelsys will help you to streamline your HR processes, improve productivity and reduce costs. But if your company is operating internationally Exelsys comes into its own with its scalable,  multi-entity multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities, allowing your employees to use the system and communicate company-wide in their own language. You can define any organisational structure define headcount and salary budgets for each position and compare these with actuals.

Manage Organisation Structures and Positions

Freedom in developing your organisational structure

You can easily create the structure of your organisation to any level required. It can be a single company with a few departments or a complex group structure with different legal entities in different countries and many departments with sub-departments

Define the positions within your organisation

Define all positions within your organisation by organizational unit, location, job code, title, shift, and work days

Set headcount and salary budgets by position

For each position you can set the FTE headcount and salary budgets and compare them against actuals by position, location or organisational unit

Keep track of the position history of your staff

Use the Position Assignment (engagement record) functionality to record the career history of an employee. You can record promotions, transfers and salary increases

Generate Organisation Charts

You can easily produce different types of organisation charts at different levels, such as

Multiple positions for each employee

With Exelsys it is possible for an employee to hold multiple positions at the same time. For example the CFO may also be acting as the HR Director

Create your own user fields

In the case that you want to keep track of additional information on positions and assignments you can create your own user fields

Easily export data

You can export data from any form in the system to Excel, Word, PDF, XML or CSV

Compensation Management

Record Salaries and Benefits

You can record salaries and benefits and keep a record of the compensation of each employee. Salaries can be recorded in different currencies and you can also split an employee's salary in multiple currencies

Define a salary range for each position

You can define a salary range for each position. Salaries can be defined as monthly or annual salaries

Import Salary information from Excel

You can easily prepare salaries in Excel and then import them into the system

Automatic Salary Increases

You can use the salary update worksheet to get the system to propose new salary increases for different departments according to a blanket percentage increase or value. Alternatively the system can be configured to take into consideration the performance appraisals score and you can define different increase percentages for each score range

Cloud Architecture

Exelsys is a multi-tenant cloud application that uses the N-tier architecture model and works through an internet browser. Exelsys is delivered as a service over the internet frees you to focus on your business. 

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Reliable Infrastructure

Based on the Windows Azure Platform, which is a secure, rock solid, open and flexible cloud platform managed by Microsoft. Azure helps to provide highly secure, available and scalable applications.

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Exelsys is highly configurable allowing the application to be set-up so that it meets your business needs. You can assign different roles to your staff with different access levels and manage your own roles.

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