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Exelsys announces tighter integration with Microsoft Word and Sharepoint

Exelsys Word Add-In

Exelsys Word Add-in helps to increase productivity and to easily generate Word documents such as engagement letters, reference letters etc. by pulling data directly from Exelsys. Exelsys Word add-in appears as an extra menu within Word and will be freely available for Exelsys clients. To use it however clients will need to have the WSI/Odata module. The Word Add-in will become generally available by the end of August 2016.

Exelsys announces SharePoint integration for documents

Exelsys announces documents  integration with Microsoft Sharepoint and Office 365 Sharepoint.  With this capability Documents uploaded within the Exelsys application will be stored in SharePoint. This adds a lot of value to customers who are already using SharePoint and want SharePoint to be the main repository for documents. There is no extra cost for this, but only customers who have the Exelsys Documents module will be able to use this functionality. Since the documents will  be physically stored within SharePoint and not within the Exelsys document store, customers will not need to purchase extra Exelsys storage with the increase of their documents.

From the point of view of the user nothing changes. Users attach documents to employees, applicants, positions etc. and are able to view them from the Exelsys User Interface but these documents are physically stored in the Customer's SharePoint site.