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  • Revolutionise how you manage employees

    Simple to learn and use, easy to implement, providing self-service access to all employees on 24/7 from any device.

  • Security, Reliability and Scalability

    Based on Microsoft Windows Azure, it provides the security, reliability and scalability you need.

  • Streamline HR processes and boost efficiency

    Exelsys helps you to automate and streamline HR processes helping you to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • One Unified Platform for all your regions, countries and international offices

    With multi-entity, multi-language and multi-currency capabilities Exelsys helps you to setup different rules for each country or region and run your HR from one unified system.

Easy to Implement

Exelsys’s ground-breaking FastTrack initiative, provides us with the ability to deliver a low-risk, world-class Cloud Based HCM solution within a target of  30  working days.

Clean Interface

Exelsys  employs an easy to use, familiar interface, based on the Microsoft standards , providing a clean and consistent look and feel.

Great Support

Exelsys is supported by an extensive partner network in different countries, helping clients successfully implement and make the best use of the solution.

Why Exelsys

Exelsys Human Capital Management from Exelsys Videos on YouTube

Scaleable and International

Supports multi-country operations, with multi-currency and multi-lingual support for more than 30 languages

Easy to use and implement

Using a  familiar Microsoft like user interface Exelsys is easy to learn and implement

Streamline Processes and increase productivity

Exelsys allows you to streamline your HR processes and increase productivity

About Us
Exelsys provides an integrated collaborative Human Capital Management System, enterprises need to manage the full hire-to-retire process for both full-time and part-time employees in an increasingly global environment. With Exelsys, you can align and re-align your organization, employees, and the supporting HR processes in real-time to support the company’s strategic objectives.


Want to find out more?
If you are interested to arrange a live demo of Exelsys for your team please click here
Exelsys subscription pricing is based on the number of active employees and the modules selected according the Exelsys Edition used. For up to up to 200 employees and a full configuration the subscription cost is about £40 per employee per year and it is charged yearly and in advance. For more than 200 employees the price per user progressively decreases with the increase in the number of employees.

Exelsys is based on Windows Azure PaaS, an infrastructure from Microsoft that provides the security, performance, and reliability normally found in only the most sophisticated IT departments. The cloud model allows companies of all shapes and sizes to leverage this infrastructure, which would otherwise be out of reach for most.  Azure is a secure, rock solid, open and flexible cloud platform managed by Microsoft. Azure helps us to provide highly secure, available, scalable applications and deliver great SaaS solutions to customers anywhere around the world.
With the Exelsys WSI (Web Services Interface) and ODATA connectivity options, your users and developers can easily access the Exelsys HCM data from third party applications and reporting tools or from any customized application to enable you to integrate HCM data with that of other applications.
Exelsys is GDPR compliant. Data transferred from the client devices to the platform is encrypted using SSL SHA-256 certificates to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data. In addition to this, data is also encrypted at the Azure Data Center using SQL Server TDE encryption making it impossible for anyone not having the key to be able to decrypt the database file and gain access to information.
Exelsys claims a very good return on investment. You start seeing savings from year one of using the system. You can use the attached ROI calculator to work out how many hours will you be saving as a result of implementing Exelsys. To get the ROI configurator click Exelsys HCM ROI Calculator.xlsx
Exelsys allows you to get the functionality you need. The solution comes in two Editions, the Standard Edition and Professional Editions, In addition to this there are a number of optional modules that can be selected to be included. Exelsys can also be sold on a single module basis in cases that a company only wants to use just one of the modules, for example, Leave of Absence Management or Expenses.

Exelsys is usually provided  on the Software-as-a-Service model,  but in special cases it can also be installed on-premise. if you are interested for an on-premise quotation please contact us on info@exelsys.co.uk.

FastTrack Implementation

Exelsys’s ground-breaking FastTrack initiative, allows us  to deliver a low-risk, cost effective world-class cloud based HCM solution that can be implemented in less that 30 days.

Third Party Integration

Exelsys makes it easy to connect with third party or on-site applications using a number of alternative approaches. A rich Web Services API, an ODATA RestFul APIs or the Exelsys HCM Sync technology.

Mobile Apps

With Exelsys Mobile you can extend your employees’ HR experience and make them more engaged and productive, improving your business agility and increasing your user adoption..

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