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Employee surveys can play a big part by helping you understand the impact of existing policies and identify areas for improvement. Exelsys Surveys allows your employees to express their true feelings and opinions so you can uncover the 'why' behind the data. Whether you’re interested in motivating and engaging employees, finding out how good your recruitment and on boarding processes are or finding out why employees are leaving you, Exelsys surveys can help. With employee feedback and survey results in hand, you’ll be able to see what’s working, what’s not, and track improvements over time. From the food you serve in the cafeteria, to the benefits offered, to your leadership, the survey results from a workforce questionnaire can give you the data you need to help to retain your staff and create a productive and rewarding working environment.

Create Survey Questionnaires

Create any number of surveys

Create any number of different surveys such as Mood and Morale Survey, Employee Engagement Survey, Employee Satisfaction Survey, Exit Interview Survey, etc.

Survey Questions

At the heart of any survey are the questions. We offer you every type of question that you'll need to get the answers you're looking for: multiple choice, text, numbers only, matrix and rating scale. You can also decide if you want each question to be mandatory or optional.

Create and re-use Survey Templates

You can create new surveys by copying from existing templates and modifying them to suit a different ourpose

Easily Distribute and Get Feedback

Distribute the Survey

You can easily distribute the survey by selecting employees one by one of by using the mass addition option by selecting employees from specific departments or a combination of other criteria.

User Definable email templates

You can use the Exelsys email templates functionality to define and customise templates to be be used to send the emails to employees inviting them to to participate in the survey. Users receive the email and just click on the link to view the survey form and respond to it.

Employees can send anonymous responses

When setting up a survey template you can define whether employees will be able to respond anonymously.

Collect and analyse data

Real time reporting

When people start filling out your new survey, you don't want to have to wait tomorrow or even an hour to start reviewing the results. The results you see on the reporting page are current as of NOW

Analyse responses to a greater level of detail

You may sometimes need to analyse the responses received at a greater level of detail. If you want to see the specific answers of each employee, we've got you covered. You can view the individual responses on-screen or export the results to Excel./p>

Get feedback also external parties

You can also send surveys and get feedback from third parties who work with you but are not part of your workforce such as external associates and freelance consultants

Cloud Architecture

Exelsys is a multi-tenant cloud application that uses the N-tier architecture model and works through an internet browser. Exelsys is delivered as a service over the internet frees you to focus on your business. 

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Reliable Infrastructure

Based on the Windows Azure Platform, which is a secure, rock solid, open and flexible cloud platform managed by Microsoft. Azure helps to provide highly secure, available and scalable applications.

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Exelsys is highly configurable allowing the application to be set-up so that it meets your business needs. You can assign different roles to your staff with different access levels and manage your own roles.

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