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Performance Management

In today’s dynamic and rapidly changing business environment, where business pressures are ever-increasing and organizations are required to become more effective and efficient, performance improvement and the role of performance management become increasingly important. Exelsys provides you the tools to assess and retain and manage your talent.

Goal Management

Align your employee’s objectives to the organisation's goals and keep your workforce constantly focused on the right business objectives

Create Corporate and Departmental Goals and automatically assign them to your workforce

Create a library of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) corporate and departmental goals and then easily cascade them to your employees

Employees can create individual goals

You can allow employees to create individual goals which can optionally be aligned with the corporate or departmental goals

Monitor Goals on an on-going basis

Gain visibility into goal status. When employees update their goals managers get automatically informed through email notifications

Foster greater employee engagement

Foster greater worker engagement by establishing individual goals that align to organizational or manager goals

Performance Management

Simplify your review process

User configurable appraisal templates allow you to create different appraisal forms for different groups of employees

Identify your top performers

Easily identify your top performers by organisation unit and region and motivate, reward, and develop your talent

You can have any number of appraisal cycles

With Exelsys you are not restricted to the annual and half yearly assessment. You can run any number of appraisal reviews within a year.

Self-Appraisals and 360 reviews

You can define appraisals to also include include a self assessment or you can set them to 360 degree reviews

Improve Employee Retention

Continuous feedback helps to drive higher performance and employee retention

Analytics helps you visualise your data

Analytical tools help you to analyse employee performance trends and get statistics by Organisation Unit, Location or Position, Competency or Performance Factor.

Compare Employee Performance

You can compare up to five previous appraisals side by side to get a view of how an employee is progressing from year to year. 

Provide Managers with the tools to manage their staff's Performance

Each manager has easy access to their team members performance appraisals, goals and performance related reports.

Cloud Architecture

Exelsys is a multi-tenant cloud application that uses the N-tier architecture model and works through an internet browser. Exelsys is delivered as a service over the internet frees you to focus on your business. 

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Reliable Infrastructure

Based on the Windows Azure Platform, which is a secure, rock solid, open and flexible cloud platform managed by Microsoft. Azure helps to provide highly secure, available and scalable applications.

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Exelsys is highly configurable allowing the application to be set-up so that it meets your business needs. You can assign different roles to your staff with different access levels and manage your own roles.

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