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Employee Expenses

Get a better handle on Employee Expenses, by centrally tracking business expenses per type, department, project or client for real-time visibility into company spending.
Expense claim processing can be a tedious job and for most organisations this is a manual process, resulting in huge administrative hassles. Without real-time visibility into expenses, it's nearly impossible to know where the money is going; you can't track your spending or ensure policies are being enforced.

Track Expenses with a central cloud solution

Enter Expenses from any device

Every employee can easily enter expense claims as they are incurred and submit the expense statements according to the company’s policyon a 24x7 basis, using the main application or a smart device using the mobile app.

Easily attach receipts and invoices

You can easily attach any number of documents against each expense claim when using the main application. When using a smart device, you can easily attach the image of a document by photographing it with the device's inbuilt camera./

Analyse your expenses

Each employee can view an analysis of their expenses for any user defined range of dates. Expenses can be analysed by Expense type or project if you are using the Projects system./

Configurable approval workflows

A flexible and configurable workflow engine allows you to define the workflow approval rules according to the business practices of your organisation. For example you can set up the system in such a way that up to a certain amount only direct manager approval will be needed, but above that amount CFO approval will also be required. You can also have exceptions such that employees of the Head Office only CEO approval may be needed, while for partners and directors no approval may be necessary.

ERP Integration

Using the Exelsys Web Services Interface you can easily integrate employee expenses with any third party system. A ready off-the shelf connector is currently available for MS Dynamics NAV.

Import Credit Card Transactions

Import credit card transactions and create an expense report automatically


Full multi-currency, real-time currency conversion and multiple-tax/vat support

Analyse expenses to a greater level of detail

Analyse expenses by Project, Task or any user defined dimension

Export to Excel

Easily export expense transactions to Excel

Cloud Architecture

Exelsys is a multi-tenant cloud application that uses the N-tier architecture model and works through an internet browser. Exelsys is delivered as a service over the internet frees you to focus on your business. 

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Reliable Infrastructure

Based on the Windows Azure Platform, which is a secure, rock solid, open and flexible cloud platform managed by Microsoft. Azure helps to provide highly secure, available and scalable applications.

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Exelsys is highly configurable allowing the application to be set-up so that it meets your business needs. You can assign different roles to your staff with different access levels and manage your own roles.

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